Scrubba Washing Bag-The Portable Washing Machine

Are you adventurous? Do you like to go trekking, or camping or like to indulge in some outdoor activities? Well, if you are one of those guys, and have answered “YES” to most of my questions, then you belong to that segment of society, who still loves to venture out, to explore so to enjoy the aesthetic view of Mother Nature. Now that you are a traveler, then surely you would be well aware that when you go for such expeditions, then your supplies are very limited. You can’t carry your luxuries in your backpack, to get the thrill and kick that you would achieve while you are on one such expedition. Right!!

By the term luxuries, I meant your washing machine….haha…Let us go a bit wild with our imagination, it’s for free!! (Imagine Jim Carey here, from the movie “The Mask “, how that nonchalant, relaxed bank employee suddenly metamorphoses himself into some crazy green-skinned guy who would bend reality, and the best part is his pocket, which can hold a small toy to a submarine also!!…. I mean, these things we can get in movies only. In reality, you won’t be carrying the washing machine in your backpack and venturing out on such unchartered terrains  )  Just Imagine !!

But, what if I say you can? (What the heck!!)  I mean when you go for these kinds of expeditions you definitely would get dirty, right?? And so would be your clothes.  Very True!! Read On…

What do you think? Would you search for riverbed and start washing clothes? HaHa…Just Imagine!! But, have you ever heard of a portable washing machine, it is so portable that it fits into your backpack, and this you can carry wherever you go, and you can keep yourself clean anytime. Why should you compromise on your hygiene while on a trip? No way.

This Scrubba washing bag is a portable washer come dryer, which helps you to wash and dry your clothes when you are on the go…How cool is that!! It is a pocket-sized washing machine, which helps you to wash anywhere and also doubles up as a dry bag. The bag internally contains many scrubba nodules which would clean your clothes instantly. So, to get machine quality wash just get your Scrubba Washer now!! Stop thinking about washing while camping, start enjoying with this pocket-sized portable washer – The Scrubba Washer.:)

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