Scribit Wall Drawing Robot-Turn Your Wall into an Attractive Canvas

When you would like to make your wall your canvas and your Scribit wall drawing robot, switch to Scribit; the world’s first ever write and erase robot. It will write and erase the content that is being sourced from the web and update in real time. It works on the vertical surface.

You can come up with new design any minute, draw and erase as many times as you want. Because, of its patented technology, it can draw, erase and re-draw umpteen number of times, giving you a different image every time, without messing up with your wall.

All it requires is two nails and a plug. With the markers, it can reproduce any content that is given with utmost precision. Whiteboard, glass or standard plaster any vertical surface Scribit can work on as long as the surface is vertical

Scribit Wall Drawing Robot, can work with four colors at a time and come out with some spectacular pictures, which can turn your boring wall into a masterpiece. We need to upload the text or the images to the programmable robot; also we require the dimensions of the area on which it would be drawing the content.

As Scribit is always connected to the web, so you can download, upload or source content from the Internet anytime. This feature would enable every owner to reproduce real-time data of any kind like notes, pictures, graphics, and messages.

Invented by MIT Professor, Carlo Ratti, this programmable robot is a useful device for the work environment or to decorate one’s home. What are you waiting for, Get one TODAY!!

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