Samsung QLED TV – The World’s First Invisible TV

Our lives have been greatly impacted with the advent of television. It has become a necessity, without which a greater part of our daily life becomes hollow. In early years, television was a medium with which we could connect to the outer world and also it can be perceived as a source of indulging into visual entertainment.

Over the years, we have seen a revolution in the world of television. There has been a drastic development, in how we used to perceive the box of entertainment. Honestly speaking, it is not a box anymore. Over the years, it has been redesigned and repackaged umpteen number of times and now-a-day’s what we see is, more sleek and classy look that can seamlessly gel with your surroundings.

Samsung have been pioneers in the world of television. They have successfully been able to change the way people used to perceive it previously, to a whole new dimension that can be hard to imagine. They in literal sense have brought a revolution in the world of television.  From the day Samsung launched the first television model until now there has been a drastic change in the look and feel of the box of entertainment. It is not a box anymore. It has been restructured and redesigned to give a sleek and classy look that would seamlessly gel with your surroundings. They have managed to stand out in the crowd by their ever evolving unique features.

Samsung has recently launched 2018 QLED TV. QLED has been coined by Samsung where “Q” stands for “Quantam Dots LED TV”. Quantam Dots enhances the way we see the image, thus giving you the exquisite picture quality, distinct color quality and thus giving you rich visually appealing experience.

With its added ambient feature, you need not see the boring black TV frame all the time. Let your TV camouflage to the surroundings by mimicking the background look and feel and give you the invisible feel, or you can double it as your frame for your pictures or it can team up as an informational display that can keep you updated on the news, weather information and time or you can display your work of art with a frame of your choice…Cool isn’t it!! TV is not TV anymore.

It comes with one remote control, thus giving you a relief from multiple remotes that you need to track to start your TV. It comes with one remote to control all your connected devices. When we talk of TV, we talk about so many cables running here and there making the entire living room look messy and cluttered. Samsung QLED TV  has been designed in such a way that all the cables are packed in one, giving a clean cable solution. No wall mount gap it has, so need not worry about your TV sticking out and one connection box.

With these features to boast of it, surely is a treat to your eyes and a prized possession for your home. Experience a whole new experience in the world of television with new SAMSUNG QLED TV . Product worth buying!!

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