Samsung promises a Premiere cinema experience from new UST projectors

Turn any room of your house into a movie theatre and enjoy a cinema screen at that favourite corner of your home enjoying the ultra experience with your cherished coffee and treasured someone. If it sounds like sheer joy, then that joy, is now being brought to you Samsung’s latest 4k projector which throws a mammoth 130 inch image, which is as clear as crystal!!

The electronic giant’s ultra short throw projector with a massive 130 inch image capability is also the first to offer HDR10+ support, as the company states.

This comes in two models which are LSP9T and LSP7T. While the former can throw an image of 130 inches, the latter is dwarfed being 10 inches shorter, at 120 inches of projection. Thus if 130 inches overkills you with the euphoric cinematic effect, one can choose with the tamer LSP7T.

Thanks to the LSP9T’s triple laser tech and HDR10+ support, the projector is able to produce a canvas-size image that is ultra-crisp and that features dynamic metadata – as opposed to HDR10’s static metadata – which a device can use to apply dynamic tone mapping on a scene-to-scene or frame-by-frame basis for “revolutionary contrast details.”In fact, Samsung promises that the device will adjust brightness (which can reach up to 2,800 ANSI lumens) from scene to scene to lower visual distortion. Helping with this is the device’s UHD Filmmaker Mode, another first for a projector, which does away with any motion smoothing effects to ensure you are watching exactly what the director and cinematographer intended.

Like other projectors in its class, as LG and Optoma, launched recently with ultra 4K and short throw projectors, one of the most appealing aspects of the LSP9T is how easy it is to use even if you don’t have much room to spare. One simply has to place this device at the base of the wall you intend to use as your screen. You don’t even need to connect it to anything other than a power source, since it has built-in Acoustic Beam surround sound and Samsung’s smart TV platform, which works with any streaming service you already subscribe to.

Samsung has yet to announce pricing or a release date for the Premiere LSP9T, but did say it expects the projector to hit stores before the end of the year and more detailed specs are sure to follow.

Source: Samsung

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