Samsung Galaxy Fold

With passing years, technology has evolved and so has our level of creativity. What used to be a figment of the imagination is slowly converting into reality. And over the years, humans have cushioned themselves with the technical advancements that we cease to exist without technology. Like for instance, we are so used to mobiles now that it has become our identity of who we are. We are so engrossed with the virtual world that we can’t even phantom ourselves away from the mobiles.

Our craving for innovation has also made us look for something unique and different at all times and this has led to the transformation of a simple handheld device – mobile, to a more adventurous mode of communication which defies all odds. And who better than Samsung, pioneers in the world of technology.

Samsung Galaxy Fold comes with a primary display which is a 7.3-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1536X2152 pixels. The second display comes with a 4.6-inch touch screen and 840X1960 pixels. It has an octa-core processor and 12GB RAM. When folded it becomes sleek and slim and can easily be put in the pocket and when you unfold it, it still easy to hold and see your apps. Also, it comes with 512GB built-in storage which is good for all the apps and media.

It comes with a dual battery with 4380mAh capacity that recharges both the cells to prevent overcharging. The built-in intelligent battery management puts the apps which are not getting used in reserve. It has built-in Dolby stereos with a good surround sound.

Every exquisite thing comes with a hefty price and this foldable phone is no exception. I feel it is a bit overpriced. Also, how much secure is the folding mechanism is also not known. The screen also, whether it can stand the test of time after so many times folding also needs to be seen. The crease in the screen where the device is folded doesn’t look that appealing. Overall, if love to flaunt the latest mobiles and have a lot of cash stashed in your pocket, this phone is just right for you.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

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