Robot – Your Virtual Personal Assistant

All these science fiction movies like Terminator, Judgement Day, Rise of Machines, Terminator Salvation and many more movies, of such kind, in earlier days were considered to be figments of author’s imagination. An imagination that was hard to digest, an imagination which now with the advent of artificial intelligence, is becoming a reality.

Artificial Intelligence, what can we construe from this word? In a broader perspective, if we see, they are machines only, not only programmed to work, but also have been programmed to react like humans; basically, they have both the physiology and psychology of humans, due to smarter algorithms. In a true sense, they are programmable high-end machines, that are integrating into our daily routine activities. We are in some way or the other, depending on machines heavily, to get our work accomplished, in a shorter span of time.

With complicated artificial intelligence becoming more eminent, the level of human and machine co-existence is now becoming seamless, thus, giving way to designing of personal robots which have been developed keeping in mind that they would work as our personal assistant.

The market has been flooded with numerous such robots, powered by artificial intelligence. But today, the product that I would be throwing light upon is an artificial intelligence induced robot which is more like a companion. Equipped with mesmerizing voice and unique features like :-

  • Wake Up call, displaying the duration of sleep, heart rate and time
  • Integrating with all the household appliances, so you can never be late for work
  • Personal Stylist, helping you to groom better
  • Day Planner
  • Analyses data quickly and efficiently and thus giving a solution, thanks to artificial intelligence, can be used as an office assistant
  • Would give you reminders, for those high priority meetings
  • It would remember to order the things that have been scheduled to procure
  • It can narrate a bedtime story to your kid
  • Integrates with home security, and provides live video feeds
  • Plays music and captures those special moments for you, when you throw a party
  • Saves on your energy and thus reducing your energy cost
  • And lot more of such mind-boggling features……

Hey, what are you waiting for, let the revolution begin at your home, Open your doors to “HER”  Today!! Very Affordable and very Enticing, your assistant for Life…..:)

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