Robopal : World’s First Real Block Coding Robot

Child Development is a gradual process, be it physical, mental or expanding his educational horizons. Learning never stops. It’s an ever-evolving process. And today’s technology has come up with a unique way of making kids interact with the coding aspect giving them a feeling that programming is not a serious task anymore.

Robopal has been developed keeping in mind that programming and coding can be done in play way method. It is first of its kind, the programmable robot that uses magnetic blocks that helps you do the coding in fun way.

This kit includes:-

  • Robot
  • 9xCoding Blocks
  • 2XAccessories
  • 4xCables
  • Story Book

Through this kit, the child can lay down it’s a strong foundation in the world of coding by increasing their logical thinking. With the robot blocks, you can control the robot with these three blocks- DIRECTION Blocks, REPEAT Block and INPUT Block.

To make the robot work, we need to connect the blocks in logical order, connect to the robot and then press the button. As simple as that Robopal, has 10 USB ports, so you can expand your imaginations and make the kids always engrossed in building new features for their robot.

It also is compatible with the LEGO, so the old toys can integrate seamlessly thus enriching and enhancing your playtime. It has 14 different digital facial expressions and 15 different voices which make it fun robot to play with.

Unleash your child’s imagination and help them to improve their critical thinking and logical skills by Robopal….Gift your kid one now!!!

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