Memo Box-Smart Pill Box

It is so common to forget taking our medicines on time in this busy life knowing that how important they are to save our precious lives. Research suggests that more than 1,25,000 deaths occur due to this negligence of medication non-adherence. To find out the solution of this problem, Tinylogics has come up with the innovation – Memo Smart Mini Pill Box and an app that assist both tracking and managing medication use.

Memo Smart Mini Pill Box is the perfect pill organizer to manage your pills, vitamins, and other supplements. It is so small that it fits into your palm; however it has got a “bigger” brain. It ensures that you never leave home without your pills through its GPS functionality. The pill box prevents you from issues of overdosing with the feature of flashing red alerts and keeps you on track for all your intakes. You can also check if your spouse or any other family member has taken medicines on time.

How does it work?

  • You can set up and customize reminders on the Memo Health app after pairing it with Memo Box.
  • Memo box will remind you with “beep” sound as well as green indicators at your set alarm time.
  • If at time, you are unable to take your pills when the alarm goes off, you can simply press the “Alarm Snooze Button” on the pill box.

So, if you are among those for whom it is hard to remember taking their pill, go and grab this super intelligent pill box….small but mighty it’s the little things that make a difference.

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