Refillable Air-pumping device

We have been relying upon some hand pumps or related equipment to inflate the tyres of our cars when they start signalling us regarding the deflation in at least one of them while we are busy driving to a destination. It is not an easy way to solve our need especially when we are in a hurry or got stuck in some place for a long time.

As an answer to our prayers, RideAir has been designed by DesignAir innovations. This is a portable compression air pump which can refilled. It can be carried anywhere by adding it to your backpack or any other bag. It can be charged at any outlet which has a provision to do through an air compressor. Whenever you learn that one of your tyres is deflated, you just have to attach RideAir to the stem of the tyre’s valve and hold down the button to inflate the tyre. This is achieved within seconds and effortlessly.


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