Recreating cancelled cruise in the comfort of the living room

A beautiful couple from Melbourne, Australia, recreated their vacation after they got a piece of information that their cruise was cancelled due to the coronavirus epidemic. The vacation was recreated in the comfort of their living room. A video of the Pacific Ocean was playing on the TV. Found relaxing themselves in front of the TV with a glass of drink in their hands, the couple was so cool that their Daughter filmed the ocean on the TV.  Wearing robes, sipping drinks, and with a personal supply of toilet roll were the amenities they chose to add to their inside vacation.

Being at the age of 74, Norma and Dave Trill had an idea of celebrating their 53rd anniversary with a 10-day cruise around the Pacific which was now canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. They were sitting around in their apartment talking about the canceled cruise and their daughter had the idea to play a video off YouTube and cast it to their TV. The thought grew from there, and initially, they used to be just getting to do the video and send it to the remaining family members, but the ideas kept coming as to add the rest room paper, hand sanitizer, a hat, and glasses, etc. Their family laughed for a short time and then assumed it might deserve Twitter. Basically it took faraway from there.

Needless to mention, it is brought some joy to them and seemingly many people. The response has been amazing and even made in local news and everybody was stunned. They got many positive responses and fame from twitter and other social media. When asked by Insider if her parents are going to be visiting any longer “virtual destinations,” within the coming weeks, Trill said that they are so delighted about the video that was created and which was posted on twitter. Also, they are excited to have suggestions from their friends and family. They are receiving a lot of positive responses. They have a couple of ideas and decide to do another home staycation.

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