Razor aims for adult riders with big wheel e-scooters

People are forced to rethink the way to travel in the new normal, given the current situation where the entire world is gripped in the menace of the Covid 19 pandemic. Needless to say, the trend of travel is the E-Way now with the splurge and the uptick in sales of E bikes and electric scooters.

Razor, the master and a veteran of the kickscooter industry, therefore is happy enough to tap this trending through the launch of a bunch of adult e-scooters. The new e-scooters are rear wheel drive, which enhances the ease of riding comfort, steering and navigating and they are coupled with bigger tyres now, which helps in the occasional bumps on the roads and even the uneven roads, easier to travel down.

A 350-W motor, which top speeds at 15.5mph (25kmph) and a range of 12 miles (19 kms) is good enough for a commute to work and fun enough for a joy ride across the neighbourhood. The ecosmart SUP leads the charge, with 16 inch pneumatic tyres, both at the front and the back, and a wide bamboo deck for the comfort of the rider.

In case one chooses not to stand while scooting the newly upgraded Ecosmart Metro is his/her option, that features 16-inch tube tires on spoked wheels, has a 500-W high torque motor that can get you up to 18 mph (29 km/h) and has a 40-minute continuous run time. In addition to the “ultra-padded seat,” the Metro comes with rear disc breaking, detachable luggage rack and a bamboo deck. While the former costs around $449, this one is heavier by $20, with a price tag of $469.

Another variation in the stable is the C25 that has a 12-inch solid wheel at the front, can roll for up to 11.25 miles per charge of its Li-ion battery – though a lead acid variant is in the works too – and its 250-W hub motor can get up to 15.5 mph. This model can be folded for between-ride transport, and is due for release in October for $399 (though its model name may change before then).

Razor has also updated its popular E300 kickscooter to give it a rear hub motor. The E300 HD’s 250-W brushless rear motor zips up to 15.5 mph, 9-inch pneumatic wheel to the front and a solid 8-inch wheel at the back, hand-operated braking and twist-grip acceleration. This will be the cheapest of the new models, at $289, when it’s released this coming (northern) fall. There’s a new E Prime e-scooter on the block too, that’s built for “speed, portability, versatility, and making an impression.” The third generation E Prime’s 250-W hub motor can get you up to 18 mph, there’s an LED headlight and brake-activated tail-light, and anodized aluminium construction. This model is available now for $399.

With expanded adult focus, Razor has furthered its position at the forefront of the scooter movement, offering fun and stylish rides for everyone – kid, teens, adult novice, and expert scooter riders .”

Source: Razor

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