Rare Early 1990s Nintendo Gets a High Price at Auction

People from all over the world like to invest money and spend their money buying rare collectible items which are limited editions. These items are aesthetically pleasing and have historic and monetary value. This is not limited to rare pieces of art or historic cultural pieces but also rare collectible in modern recent history. Recently there has been a rare Nintendo play station that was sold at an auction for $3,60,000 which means that there are different types of rare collectibles to be bought at auctions these days. Video games are part of the culture in the late 20th century and the 21st century and many video gaming consoles and old arcade games have become collector’s items in auctions all over the world.

The Rare Nintendo Play Station

Nintendo has been the company that has produced and sold some of the best video gaming consoles over the last few decades. It is very much part of the history of gaming and there have been consoles that have worked and some models which have not reached the market. The Nintendo console that was sold at the auction was one of just 200 prototypes that were created in 1991 as a result of a failed partnership between Nintendo and Sony. It is a Super NES with a CD ROM drive. This prototype fetched a high price at the auction because the other 199 prototypes of the Nintendo model were destroyed after the deal between Sony and Nintendo fell through. It was discovered by a man named Terry Diebold in a box owned by former Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Olaf Olafsson.

The Auction

As mentioned above, the rare Nintendo was sold for a large sum of money and was bought by Greg Mclemore who is the founder of Pet.com and Toys.com. Video games have been an essential part of the technology boom in the past few decades and many notable bids were made for this rare Nintendo including a bid from Palmer Luckey, the CEO of Oculus VR. Greg Mclemore is looking to create a collection and permanent museum of rare collectible including video games, magazines and pieces of art.

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