QooCam Action Camera | 4k Camera | Stereoscopic 360 Camera

We all have our journeys and we would like to have them captured. This capturing of moments has changed over the last one century with the shift in the paradigm. The way we look at things has changed with time. While 20th century is all about the film cameras but 21st century reflects the sea change in the way we like ourselves or our moments to be captured.

QooCam is world’s first interchangeable 4K 360 and 3D camera. The body of the camera has two lenses on one side and one lens on the other side. It comes with a clever design where you can change it between L shape and C shape depending on how you would like to position your camera.

It records 4K videos and can capture full 360pictures. It is integrated with Oculus GO/Quest, HTC Vive and Samsung gear VR for 3D footage. There are two types of shooting modes: manual and auto. It comes with a 2-in-1 selfie stick and tripod. Although the selfie stick material is not of that good quality and the hinge doesn’t hold the camera so well. Thus, it is not that stable.

The L shape helps us to create 3D photos or you can also take 1803D video. It has built in IMU sensors and real time stabilization technology that helps to achieve the shake free shots and smooth videos. The optical flow stitching algorithm combines images of both the lenses and turns it into one 360spherical image. It only weighs 170 grams. Due to its aviation grade anodized aluminium body it is very durable. It is very light weight and easy to carry around. It is easy and you can share your moments anytime anywhere. What are you waiting for get yours NOW!!!  ORDER NOW!!

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