Prototype Electronic e-Glasses- Tracker for Brain, Eyes and More

Science and Technology plays a major role in our day to day life. There are many innovative technologies invented till now. But there is no technological comparison between this prototype electronic multi-function e-glasses that track the brain, eyes, and more.

Although no doubt, there are the glasses invented which can stop the ultra-violet rays entering into our eye, but this type of e-glasses is the first to be invented.  

Now, let’s see more about these e-glasses.

Invention of e-glasses:

This amazing technology was invented by Suk-Won Hwang, an Assoc. Prof. of Korean University, KU-KIST, Korea. Although we have no idea about the production of these types of e-glasses as of now, they have not started yet. We hope the production may soon take place.  

Function and Working of e-glasses:

Talking about its functions, it features a 3D print frame having the flexible electrodes serving as a sensor located on the wearer’s eyes and ears. These sensors serve as EEG and EOG. EEG electroencephalogram helps for tracking the functions of the brain, while EOG, electrooculogram helps to track the movements of eyes. These movements of data are transmitted wirelessly from glasses to the programmer.

During lab tests, the recorded function of EEG was alpha rhythm, used for the detection of a person’s health. On the other hand, EOG allows us to play the brick-stacking video game just by the movement of an eye. This type of technology is specially designed for the physically challenged persons. 

The wireless integrated circuit is situated on the sidearm of the glasses, which helps to monitor the UV sensors. When the bright sunlight directly falls on glasses, the glasses block the UV-rays with the help of UV blocking gel from entering into the eye directly and become darker that turns automatically into sunglasses for protection.

Another important function of these e-glasses is that it has an accelerometer on the arm of glasses acting as a light sensor. This helps to track the person’s posture and gait and also detects when they will fall. These can be used for sending an alert message if some mishaps are detected and can also be used in virtual reality systems. Hence, the above-mentioned was the information about this amazing newly invented technology of e-glasses.

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