Precision thinning smart machines into agriculture

Blue River Technology is a company that uses computer vision and robotics for agriculture and has successfully developed few robotic systems that provides greater yield potential in agriculture. It believes that the best way for next generation smart machines used in agriculture is “make every plant count”.

Thinning of lettuce plants in farms is normally done by human, where they plant extra to get a good stand and then they thin out the extra plants. It is a tedious job that requires a lot of quick decisions. So, if a smart machine replaces the human in this job, then it should have the precise decision making capability of, which plant to keep and which plant to take out.

Developers at Blue River Technology have defined algorithms for this smart machine in such a way that it makes billions of calculations per second with the help of cameras mounted on the machine to virtually characterise, decide and act precisely to remove the unwanted plants, thus making everything automatic in real-time.

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