Post Workout Recovery-9 Things You Should Do After Workout

Workouts are a good way to stay fit and healthy. They help to increase the energy levels, improve muscle strength, increase the rate of metabolism and get you a toned and sculpted body. If you are a fitness freak then the moment you open your eyes, you might be excited to hit a gym with vengeance. And once you are done with your routine than “WHAT”?? I mean, all done, once completed, and then with the equal enthusiasm, we try to exit our gym arena. But have you ever thought what we should do once we are over with our exercise ritual? We should follow a right set of exercises and proper dos and don’ts, before and after workout rituals, to get an enviable physique.

The Dos and Don’ts to follow post workout recovery:-

1. Do Stretching

When we do an intense workout, our muscles become tired and sore, so in order to give muscles a respite, we should do some stretching exercises before we finish our workout regimen. It would increase the flexibility and range of motion. Also, it minimizes pain and it eliminates lactic acid. This acid gets accumulated when we are doing our workouts, so when we do after workout stretching; it removes the accumulated lactic acid and helps the muscles to relax.

2. Do cooling down after the workout

While we do our heavy workouts we tend to pump up the heart rate. So, once you are completed with your exercise, we need to safely slow down our heart rate and control the post-workout blood flow. Also, it helps us to relax our muscles, thus preventing muscle soreness.

3. Do Stay Hydrated

Focus on keeping yourself hydrated, as when we workout we sweat a lot because of which we lose out on a lot of minerals and water. So, to replenish and recover we need to stay hydrated. Water helps in regulating the body temperature and body joints.

4. Don’t go for too much of protein supplements

Protein stimulates muscle growth. We can introduce protein in every meal to build muscles and shouldn’t overly rely on protein supplements. But, the protein intake varies from a person to person, depending upon the gender, height, weight, and occupation. So read the ingredients that are mentioned on the label and consult a professional trainer before taking your protein supplements blindly.

5. Do Relaxation

There is a need to go for relaxation after an intense workout. It assists in body recovery and reduces stress on joints and muscles. Through relaxation body replenishes the lost energy and repairs the damaged tissues, thus helping the body to come back to baseline. Rest and recovery is one of the important aspects of post-workout recovery ritual

6. Do wash your fitness gear every day

When we workout, we sweat and as a result, there would be odor-causing bacteria which can make your fitness gear all stinky and obnoxious. So, to ward off this smell and also to maintain the hygiene of our body we should always wash our clothes after our heavy duty workout sessions.

7. Do Sleep Properly

7-8 hrs is optimum to get your body fully charged for the next workout session. When we sleep, growth hormone is released for muscle recovery and regeneration. This is necessary for building your muscle.

8. Don’t  take the cold shower immediately after a heavy workout

Best would be if you are done with your heavy duty workout then sit down for a while and let your body come down to normal temperature.  After that, go for any type of shower.

9. Do take proper diet

A proper diet needs to be followed. If we go by the theory that we eat junk and then go for the workout, then it won’t hold good. Because we know the saying, “BETWEEN OUR LIPS END UP ON OUR HIPS”, so to stop ending up with humongous hips, let us follow a diet pattern. Because a good diet followed by a good exercise would help to shape your body.

With the “ever on go” lifestyle, we need to incorporate some form of workout in our daily routine. But we also need to follow the dos and don’ts to get the best results out of our workout sessions. Right diet and right exercises along with the right set of instruction we need to follow to get the best possible results.

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