Portable laptop charger

Laptops are an integral part of our lives now and we don’t separate ourselves from them even during our family time. Hence, laptops must be charged frequently to have avoid unpleasant shut downs. Carrying the system chargers everywhere have become true hassles for use. So, we learnt about a mini and multipurpose charger which is a real boon for us.

This new entrant in the market of chargers is called Zolt. It is easy to carry and has 3 USB ports. Apart from charging laptop it can charge 2 other smaller devices simultaneously. It can charge upto 70 Watts of power which is good enough for laptops of today. In case you don’t wish to carry the system charger you can use Zolt, which can carried in your bag and weighs lighter. It has foldable prongs at its end and looks fabulous with the useful features.


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