Portable Kitchen Collapsible Dish Tub | Cutting Board | Washing Basin

In today’s world when space is limited and cramped and we are trying to switch to compact and collapsible products, I couldn’t resist myself but to come up with this out of the box, creative product which is very good for the kitchen.

It is a very useful and multi-purpose product which can be used for washing dishes, as a chopping board for dicing, slicing of vegetables, fruits, meat or fish or it can be used to stack the dishes after cleaning. This is an ideal product if you go camping or hiking, no need to carry a load of stuff, just carry this multi-purpose product and you are all set.

It is safe and is made from premium quality material. It is BPA free. It is odor and stain-resistant. It is highly durable and strong. The tub is lightweight and comes with well-contoured handles which makes it easy to lift and hold. It is collapsible to 1/3rd of its original size. The tub comes with an integrated plug and strainer, so it helps to strain or drain water, with just the press of a plug. This is a perfect purchase if you are an outdoor person and love your time at the lap of nature. No need to burden yourself with unnecessary utensils. Don’t wait, order NOW!!

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