Pomegranate Slicer and Cutter for an effortless de-seeding

De-seeding of fruits is the toughest job I find. It gives me head-ache. I mean de-seeding apple is still better but pomegranate gives me jitters. I love having pomegranate, either in the same form, or I like to put the seeds in the salads or while making yogurt, it gives a little extra edge to the taste.

Off late, I started detesting to have it as to take out those seeds is an uphill task. The first challenge is, if you cut it then the juice will squirt out all of a sudden making the entire platform messy. Once that squirting and squishing is over, then comes that mounting task of removing seeds .OMG.

It sounds so boring. Imagine to actually execute this process,  how boring it would be, that’s precisely why I stopped eating pomegranate. But with this product, cutting and extracting of seeds has never been so easy. With agronomic grip and sharp blade it cuts into the fruit effortlessly. And once you cut the fruit, just place it on top of the bowl and hit it hard with a stick as if venting out your boss’s 😉 frustration on that one last piece of object you are holding and all the seeds are out. Easy to Use and Easy to Clean. Don’t let your desire perish instead relish on your favorite fruit.

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