Pocketalk Translator

Language is a mode by which we can express our emotions, feelings, moods, and ideas. It is a
way of connecting between two beings. It is the most powerful tool of communicating. But
different languages can be a barrier between people of different social communities in
terms of understanding.
Pocketalk is a device that helps you to overcome this problem of communicating and reaching out to people in a foreign land. Get in touch, stay connected wherever you are and never feel alienated in a foreign land. It is a 2-way voice interpreter supporting 74 languages
like US English, UK English, Indian English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Arabic,
Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Hindi and many more. It also supports different dialects like
Indian English and Brazilian Portuguese.
This two-way translation device is integrated with high-quality microphones so that you don’t have to shout while you speak. In-built voice cancellation would make each word you say clearly and distinctly audible. The two built-in speakers make the conversation loud and
It comes with a large touch screen that provides clarity. It is AI-powered and portable and supported by 128 countries. It has a built-in 2-year data plan and comes with an already installed SIM card. This global SIM card gives you access to over 100 countries for 2 years.
This device fits into your hand and can be your travel buddy. If you love to travel and would like to stay connected, then this device is perfect for you.

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