Robots are mushrooming human lives today like never before. Many of us have become too lazy to do our daily chores on our own and at some point in our lives have secretly desired to have robots to do the tasks for us. Does anyone disagree with me?

Many decades ago mankind was not aware of anything called Plastic and the Earth was a better place to live peacefully, for millions of species created by God. With the advent of plastic, our day to day activities is totally dominated by plastic covers, plastic utensils, plastic flowers, plastic wallets, Oh my Gosh!!! The list seems like never-ending. Eventually, this erratic usage of plastic is pushing the planet to the apocalypse and that day is not very far from today.

The limitless usage of plastic started polluting the planet in the form of contaminated water, air, soil and what not. In one of the recent findings, it has been reported that some killers started dying on seashores and the reasons for their death is accidental consumption of a huge amount of plastic. While efforts like the Ocean Cleanup attempt to deal with plastic waste near or on the surface, researchers in Italy are developing a robot to clear the seabed of plastic, while also exploring and documenting life at the bottom of the sea.

The original SILVER robot was announced last year and was being developed as an underwater exploration tool for biologists, geologists, photographers, filmmakers, and underwater archaeologists. SILVER 2 can be all that too, but its main job will be to serve as a seabed-walking garbage man. And it took its first dive at the weekend.

SILVER 2 stands for Seabed Interaction-Legged Vehicle for Exploration and Research 2 and is being developed by the Institute of Bio-robotics at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna Pisa, with support from the National Geographic Society and Arbi Dario Spa. It has six articulating legs with enough bounce in its step to safely navigate obstacles without suffering damage and examines its environment using two high definition cameras.

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