20th century’s technological advancements have made the lives of human beings better than never before but have more or less some of them have become the reasons for the extinction of some species and also have endangered some. This earth belongs to all species apart from homo-sapiens. Some companies have carried out researches and achieved commendable breakthroughs in creating eco-friendly products that are useful for human beings and also do not hurt nature in any form. One such creation is unisex sneakers created by Native Shoes.

“Beast Free” is the popular motto of Native Shoes. It means that no animals are hurt in making their products and they are affordable. Purchasing these animal-free shoes is definitely a boon for the Earth while learning that are many more ways to ensure that your shoes are eco-friendly. So, this commendable creation by Native Shoes is named as Plant Shoe.

A representative for Native Shoes shared the exciting news with Green Matters in an email ahead of The Plant Shoe’s June 12 launch. According to the company, The Plant Shoe is the “first and only modern sneaker” that is completely animal-free and biodegradable.

The Plant Shoe is made from plants completely, and it features: a natural lactae hevea outsole; a eucalyptus lasting board; backing made from 90 percent cork and 10 percent sisal; an organic linen sock liner; a kenaf and corn felt insole; olive oil-soaked jute thread; natural latex-based glue; pineapple husk and organic cotton upper; and organic cotton shoelaces. These shoes are unisex. Hence are available for Men and Women. Both can choose their favorite shoes in various colors and sizes and enjoy themselves wearing them for multiple occasions.

Once you realize that your piece of Plant Shoes has been overused you can lay them to rest J in the compost bin — they will even break down in a backyard compost environment. Therefore, these are true friends of this nature and ecology. Acquire them now!!!

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