Pico – A Garden in Your Palm – The Crowdfunding Success Story

Crowdfunding is a way for a new business method in which crowds are pitched for new business ideas online. If there is promise in the idea then they back it by contributing small amounts to the cause. Crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter has many businesses pitching their ideas to the public for crowdfunding purposes. It is a good idea to look at products that are getting huge funding on these websites. Pico, Coffee mug sized garden in your palm is an example of this which has had $1.3 million in pledges, is much more than the $10,000 goal and which was expected in pledges from the website. The following are details about this product:

Pico – Garden in Your Palm

This is a small coffee mug sized device that can help people grow small plants in their homes, perfect especially for city dwellers without large gardens. People can grow salad greens, herbs, mint, and other mini greens. This is a device that has got 16,000 backers on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter because people love ways to be close to nature especially in cities that look like concrete jungles. Pico has a no-hassle operation where they can simply set it up and let the plants grow without any hassle. It is available for $32 U.S which is reasonable for most people to afford especially in the cities.

Pico – Specifications

This is a device that has a mug in which the plant grows and is connected to an overhead OSRAM LED lamp with an aluminum rod that provides “sunlight” to the plant. It can be placed on a wall with a hook and the lamp is connected to a power point with cord and plug. There is a watering funnel for the plants to be watered and different types of small plants can be grown on this device. It is perfect for people who like show plants around the home but even better for people who like to grow their herbs for their kitchen.

Crowdfunding successes are studied by many business experts to see what work and what does not work in the market. If the product like Pico gets so many pledges, it is because it has developed a connection with the wider public and is likely to be successful.

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