Piaggio Fast Forward’s Gita – Personal Cargo Robot

What if I say next time when you go shopping, shop a handful but keep hands-free. This is the charm of owning a Robot which would be used to carry your luggage without getting hassled about carrying the load.

As the name suggests “Gita”, it has nothing to do with the Hindu scripture from epic Mahabharata. It is an autonomous, self-carrying delivery robot, which can be used to carry things up to 40lbs. It has a max speed of 22 MPH, and can be programmed to reach your destination or can form a fleet with other Gitas.

It is designed so to avoid obstacles and not to bump into objects while on the go. The bicycle type wheels can traverse any terrain, be it rugged one, grass, or pebbles. When you move, your cargo vehicle will also move. It creates its own optimized 3D map once it ventures out to its destination along with you and next time it would just reach the destination in the optimized route that would be stored in the memory. Easy to maneuver, it follows you everywhere, so, if you know how to walk, it will just follow you. The lid is tightly secured and would be opened by a physical attribute that is unique for humans, so your belongings are safe. And, if anybody would tamper with your Gita, then its alarm system would go off thus keeping your belongings secure. For people who love to walk while doing their chores, switch to mobile carrier robot – GITA.

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