Phone Stand for Wash-proof experience while cooking

Cooking is my passion, I generally like cooking not only traditional but to dish out different cuisines by watching videos and simultaneously cooking. But so many times I have smudged my phone because I have not been able to view it properly. Because my phone keeps falling…Aaaaahhhh!!

If only I could get hold of any product that can make my phone stand upright and I can do my work properly. I mean I have used my set of DIYs, but if model changes the phone falls. Or the DIY I did were not reliable. Not useful at all.

Yesterday, as I was scrolling down the list of products on phone stands, I chanced to see this Stand easy Phone Stand. This pocket size stand is made with Aluminium finish for that extra special look and feel. One Stand for many phones. You can use this phone in landscape and portrait. It comes with adjustable viewing angles that make it easier to adjust as per our need. For that hands free viewing, get one phone stand NOW!!

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