Pharmacy kit restocking process time reduced from hours to seconds using Kitcheck

Usually in hospital pharmacies, the medicines stock refilling, checking of expiring medicines etc are done by manual process that takes a lot of time for the pharmacist and any human error may result in adverse effects on patients’ health. Kit Check eliminates the process of counting medications in pharmacy kits and checking each expiration date with just two steps, Scan and Print.

Kit Check’s scanning solution features an RFID reader that automatically captures the tag’s ID and associates it with the appropriate kit. This eliminates the practice of manually recording each kit’s seal serial number, and also creates a detailed audit trail. Kit Check’s solution is also used to identify each individual medication within a pharmacy kit.

The processing steps are as follows:

  1. Used kit returns to pharmacy
  2. Scan the kit
  3. Review kit Restocking status
  4. Restock and Validate
  5. Print Charge Sheet and dispatch

Thus, KitCheck process is 90% faster and accurate than manual process.

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