Persado, the marketing language cloud

AI generated language that resonates the most with any audience, segment or individual. A new feature of its AI-powered marketing software that’s designed to help companies create personalized marketing campaigns for individual customers based on their past engagements. Persado One, the feature builds on the company’s existing software for marketing to consumers. Behavioral data from previous marketing campaigns is used to develop individual emotional profiles and then generate personalized language for every message. Offers customized messaging across channels  including email, display advertising, social advertising, SMS, push notifications, and direct mail. It’s the company’s premium offering and sits alongside Persado Professional for individual marketers, which costs less but is primarily focused on email and Facebook ads, depending on the version of the product people purchase. Persado generates the language and emotions that make a specific audience, segment or individual take action. Persado provides marketing solutions for retail and commerce, financial services, travel and telecom.  It analyzes billions of data points across words, phrases, emotions, and much more to generate your campaign-specific headlines, image text overlays, and even suggests language and images that will emotionally engage your audience.  A revolutionary cloud AI solution that enables brands to engage each consumer across all channels with personalized emotional language to drive short term sales and powerful long-term relationships. For the first time, brands can acquire and adjust language to re-create the face to face human experience with guaranteed performance across all channels, at scale and throughout the customer lifecycle.  Infuse your social ad campaigns with smart content in minutes. Persado Pro Social harnesses math, machine learning, natural language processing, and emotional language classification to generate content that will resonate with your target audience. Persado free up internal resources by understanding how we do business and demonstrated an intense focus on delivering provable results.

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