Pentax binoculars are an optical multitool for inquisitive eyes

“Binoculars endanger the ever-distant sublime”

“I don’t crop reality into pixels, I do not take pictures, instead I have very good binoculars”

Be it Neil Zink or Mason Cooley, binoculars have fascinated us through generations in understanding the mystique, in the sheer thrill of looking ahead in the present moment, in travelling with the eyes an hour before to a point, where the feet, reaches later.

The evolution of this device from experience of inquisitive emotions to a multitool for inquisitive eyes, Ricoh Imaging has launched the Pentax V sports optics series, which includes both binoculars and monoculars. In fact, with its first product, it already includes both. The all-new Pentax VD 4×20 WP is an innovative multifunctional optical tool that looks like an unassuming pair of binoculars out of the box but splits apart to increase viewing versatility.

Share with a friend or fasten the scopes to increase magnification, the Pentax V sport, is equipped to multiply to satiate the appetite of burning curiosity, through the multi-tasking features.

While the weather-resistant binocular straps around the owner’s neck and provide a 4X magnification, with a quick pull, he or she can separate the two barrels and individually they split into two 4X monoculars. The splitting feature plays cupid in uniting the vision that you can share with your partner. The neck strap compliments the barrels, splitting in hand straps of the monoculars! Where the average binocular stops, it is only the beginning of this magnificent Pentax V sport.

The VD 4×20 WP should also be helpful in pointing something out to two children, by a parent, helpful in nullifying interference of an inevitable commentary to the over curious partner who leans on to get a glimpse, thus eliminating the inevitable bickering over who gets the binoculars first. And if there’s no one around to share with, the two monoculars can stack into a longer telescope for 16x magnification.

The new Pentax V series 5.3-oz (150-g) binoculars, built by Ricoh is rainproof and can be rinsed clean. This is a delight to use for outdoors, for sightseeing, sporting events and concerts. Ricoh builds the new Pentax V-Series, which includes the VM 6×21 WP handheld monocular at launch, for durable, multipurpose outdoor use, recommending the VD 4×20 WP. While this is planned to be a grand launch in September, the VD 4×20 WP is available for pre-order now!


Product Page: Ricoh

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