A Wireless Penna Retro Bluetooth keyboard

Penna Retro Bluetooth Keyboard is an ever seen slim and glittering mobile phone or tablets with a keyboard that fits the desk perfectly. Penna Retro Bluetooth Keyboard is  perfect new keyboard with new mechanical key system, cherry switch known as the worlds most advanced switch technology ensures fast and accurate typing. Penna Retro keyboard have macro bars, you can utilize to save frequently  used keys and words and recall them any time by pressing the bar just once. Penna Retro Bluetooth keyboard has the latest Bluetooth 4.2 which enhances long idle battery time with low energy requirement. Penna Retro Bluetooth Keyboard has different modes of typing like Diamond Keycap and Chrome Keycap. You can use 4-axis diamond keycaps for accurate typing and chrome keycaps to maximize the retro styling. Top-notch quality is guaranteed by employing Keycaps.  The AA2 battery has designed specially to maintain upto 6 months of idle time. Penna Retro Bluetooth keyboard has 3 device paring registering upto 5 devices via bluetooth. It is the combination of past and future. Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices.In addition to all of this, the Penna Retro Bluetooth Keyboard has a cradle to hold your tablet or smartphone at a 105-degree angle.  This gives the perfect viewing angle for typing and researching. More beautiful design than even mobile phone itself, design that embraces retro styling, the feeling of mechanical keyboard, keycaps to reduce typos dramatically, multi pairing or many devices, and even availability of macro for setting keys at your will. Penna works flawlessly on most mobile devices.

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