Paranormal Activity and Artificial Intelligence

When we talk of paranormal activity what we think of? Ghosts, Spirits and some eerily things trouble our minds. The moment we see ghost movies or hear such ghost stories we conjure up spooky thoughts. We have a long history of such ghost stories that frighten but still fascinate us. It sends chills down to our bones still we want to hear it for the thrills that it gives. Humans have always been fascinated by the other world, where the dead go. This continuous drive to explore the other world and the increased use of technology has made me to come up with this article.

Various machines are flooding the market, which are coupled with the latest technology of Artificial Intelligence and some new devices some new projects to capture ghosts have been invented. In this article, I would be discussing a project that has come into the market which has harnessed the power of machines with artificial intelligence.

This project: Deep Whisperer is an open source, so everyone to anyone who believes that there is something beyond our imagination can plunge in and take the test. It requires a real time microphone which needs to be connected with the Google’s Speech Neural Network. This can detect 110 languages and can immediately display the results as and when they come.

The requirements:-

  1. USB Microphone
  2. Google Cloud Platform Project Key
  3. Screen
  4. Doll

It runs on nodes and libraries are optimized by raspberry pi.

The brain behind this unique concept is Matt Reed.

Not many people might connect with this but I can understand. However, I thought that having a working knowledge of how these things work can help those who would like to integrate science with paranormal theory. It always is good to try out new things and with the advent of technology we can have the best of both the worlds.

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