A Paper based Laboratory

Since time immemorial, mankind has been fascinated with inventions and innovations. A lot of advancements have happened in various fields till date. One such innovative creation is a paper-based laboratory. A group of researchers made this happen. It is a step closer to achieving remarkable results without a human help in performing complicated tasks in diagnostics. This is a creation from the University of Rhode Island.

Many of us are aware of paper-based strips that are used for pregnancy examinations. That is a simple one though. Here, we are talking about much more serious medical diagnostics like figuring out diseases like HIV, Ebola, etc., but these need multiple components are required to extract the expected results.  The new paper-based innovation we are talking about is a product of a lab-on-a-chip technology, actually targeted for superfast blood tests. The same has been trimmed to a smaller size which takes the help of a micro-pump for accurate movement of fluids within the micro-channels of the cartridges. This was instrumental in bringing out the lab-on-paper technology

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