Pantelligent Smart Pan – Cook Everything Perfectly

Are you a cooking buff? And cooking is a major stress buster for you? Do you tend to always go for perfection? If you answered “Yes” to all then this gadget is perfect for you…..Smart frying pan.

With the advent of technology the way of thinking has changed, the way we perceive small things have changed, they way we treat things have also changed and big time!! This smart frying pan is no different.

Pantelligent frying pan comes with an interactive app which will talk to you through the cooking of a specific meal guiding you through the entire process. It will guide you when to turn the heat up or down, when it is right tie to toss….everything you can possibly need to know. As perfect control over temperature is the key to good cooking…so with this device, “Pantelligent” no more burned or over cooked food. Always get the perfect home cooked food. It can help you to cook what you would cook with regular frying pan just that this time you would be dishing out perfect recipes each time.

It comes with dozen recipes that go beyond normal recipes and yield perfect recipes each time.

How does it work?

It is very simple to work with.

  1. Open the app and choose the recipe you would want to cook
  2. Follow the preparation steps listed and when done, press start cooking button
  3. The app will guide you by letting you know how hot the pan should be, when to add ingredients
  4. The app will only guide you to control the temperature and time.

It connects to the smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth low energy. It has embedded sensors that help you with the perfect temperature. The electronics that are integrated into the handle will transmit data to the phone.

A simply superb way of getting that perfect dish cooked up every time. But this smart frying pan comes with a hefty price of $199. Also, there are limited recipes. This material doesn’t work on induction tops, but perfectly fine on electric cooktops and gas. Not dishwasher safe. A good investment if you are picky about what you eat. If you are always picky about the right set of cooking then this is a perfect gift to pamper yourself with. What are you waiting for BUY NOW!!

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