Panasonic brings its first pair of True Wireless Earbuds: RZ-S500W and RZ-S300W

Recently, the electronic giant Panasonic has launched a new range of its truly wireless earbuds. The two models, RZ-S500W and RZ-S300W, have already made a name for them since CES January 2020 where they were revealed for the first time. Compact and equipped with the latest technology, these pairs of earbuds are out there to cater to all your needs.

Out of the two, the Flagship RZ-S500W features Active Noise Cancellation which reduces any unwanted sound and enhances your experience. According to Panasonic, the ANC is based on Feedforward Noise Cancelling” and “Feedback Noise Cancelling” that sharpens the voice and filters out any digital or analog signals. Panasonic claims that the device is capable of giving you an uninterrupted service of 6.5hrs before you need to put it back on charge.

However, RZ-S300W doesn’t come with such lucrative features but its smaller size and budget-friendly pricing make it a hot pick when it comes to compact wireless headphones.

A salient feature of these headphones is that they have an inBuilt MEMS Microphone that makes your voice more clear during recordings and calls. In addition to that Panasonic has instilled these Microphones with Beam-Forming technology that focuses on your voice and eliminates wind noises.

Panasonic has also rolled out the Panasonic Audio connect app which you can download on your phone for free. The app enables you to choose among 50 different levels of voice cancellation including an ambient mode. Both the models are perfectly compatible with the voice Assistants of your choice however, right now the Earbuds support Siri and Google Assistant but according to sources Panasonic is also looking to couple it with Amazon’s Alexa as well. The voice assistant feature could be activated with the touch sensors present on the earbuds.

The ultra-compact design and the independent left-right connection are well supported by IPX4 splash resistance that protects your buds from any sort of water-damage especially during the rainy season. Till now Panasonic had made the product available in the UK only, however, a worldwide rollout is expected soon.

Panasonic has stated a price of $ 212 for S500W and $137 for S300W and both the devices are available in black and white color whereas S300W is also available in green.

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