Packed Pixels-A Multimonitor Laptop

In today’s computer world, everyone is busy using more number of applications at a particular time, be at home or at work. With this second display has become a necessity so that we can get more free space to work on all the applications with ease.

A British inventor has created a portable, high resolution multi monitor setup for all those who can’t live without the extra screen.

Packed Pixels, is one such multi-screen laptop which was long awaited. It gives you the same experience as your multi-monitor desktop setups. You must be thinking… is it possible to hold on to multiple monitors when you are out and about? No worries…..all your concerns have been taken care of by the manufacturer who has ensured to make the models slim and light weight and as responsive as their full-size cousins. It easily fits into your laptop bag and quick to set up.

Each Packed Pixel comes with:

1. The screen: can be mounted in any direction and orientation and you can easily switch between a wide choice of arrangements.

2. A pair of brackets which can simply slide on and off and can fit a wide variety of screen sizes.

3. USB to micro USB cable

4. A Thunderbolt/Mini DisplayPort cable or a full size DisplayPort cable

5. Desk stand

Packed Pixels offer limitless possibilities with several ways to connect and mount your laptop.

It could be very useful if you are a photographer and looking to increase your screen real estate for working with photo shop or video editing software. You can mount it on your camera tripod. You can also mount it in your car for gaming and movies on long journeys.

Packed Pixels brings with it lots of excitement, can prove to be game changing and could end your working space issues.

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