Ovis AI powered Smart Luggage That Follows You

Have you ever imagined your luggage following you around? If not then think again….because your imagination would be turning into reality with “Ovis Smart Luggage”. The world’s first AI-powered smart suitcase, which would follow you around. Wherever you go, your luggage would be following. JUST IMAGINE!!

Carrying suitcases are always a burden because we tend to get tormented in keeping them with us and dragging them throughout. It is such a pain. But worry no more because this smart luggage would just follow without bumping into people or other forms of obstacles, due to its inbuilt obstacle avoidance technology.

Features of Ovis

  • Ovis uses the camera and AI technology to follow you around from right side. So, the fear of losing your baggage is also not there in crowded places.
  • It comes with touch sensors that would enable the manual mode and deactivate the autonomous movement of the luggage.
  • The battery is said to last for 4hrs, so that is approximately 13.7 miles. For the recharge, it requires 2.5 hrs.
  • It has a TSA approved lock.
  • It is equipped with Distance Alert Mode. You would get a bracelet which would gently vibrate and light up when you are more than 2 meters away.
  • It comes with 96 watts hr removable battery.
  • It is equipped with self-weighing technology.
  • You can charge on the GO
  • Still, if you lose out on your luggage, open the Ovis App and LOCATE…as simple as that…comes with the tracking device.


21.6 x 14.9 x 8.7 inches

Ovis; hands-free, vision free and first of its kind vision powered smart luggage. Get one home TODAY!!

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