ORii Smart Ring Turns Fingers to a Phone

Hear and talk with your finger. The world’s first smart ring that turns your finger into Smartphone.
Embrace your inner spy with the ORii, a smart ring that turns your finger into a smart phone. The ORii ring communicates with a paired smart phone via Bluetooth and is equipped with bone conduction technology, which makes taking a call as simple as placing your finger to your ear. The audio is completely private, while the wearer’s response is captured and delivered by the ring’s built-in, noise-cancelling microphones.
Tell ORii which notifications to pass through to you and customize combinations of gesture and voice feels most natural for you. You can talk even in the noise surroundings and interface gives you freedom to handle conversations, texts, and tasks without needing to look down at your phone, so you are always engaged.  ORii connects to your smartphone’s Siri or Google Assistant; everything is now at your command.

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