OraSaifu: All-In-One Digital Asset Management Wallet

Orasaifu digital wallet, is a revolutionary hardware wallet, which would make your life simple and daily activities. It is easy to operate. With everything now stored on cards, we tend to stack our wallet, with an umpteen number of cards and the result is bulky and shapeless wallets.

What is OraSaifu?

OraSaifu is a digital asset management wallet which helps you to store both the crypto and payment cards. Thus, you don’t have to store your cards and continuously live with the fear of losing your card. You can make payments using this device without having to frantically search for your wallet for the respective card. One card with two modes is available making both the crypto and banking functions to exist on the same hardware. It supports many types of cards along with normal banking cards like business cards, membership cards. It helps you to unlock your doors to your homes or office or gym, using the cards stored in your digital wallet.

Why OraSaifu?

OraSaifu, uses both TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) and SE technology on one secure chip, assuring 100% security of your assets and NFC (Near Field Communication) Payments. Also, all the cryptocurrencies are stored offline and require a two-step verification process. The USB Port required to charge doesn’t have the data transfer capabilities, thus making it a very secure system. OraSaifu supports digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Dash and over 20 other cryptocurrencies. It helps to send and receive payments; we can check the account details and manage multiple addresses.

Digital Wallet with a revolutionary and sleek design and unique features like:-

  1. 100% Malware Free
  2. 7 days battery life and 1 hr USB Type-C dash charge
  3. Anti-theft and one step recovery
  4. Store unlimited cryptocurrencies and cards
  5. Bank Level Security Chip

OraSaifu is a one-step solution to your all your card problems. Smart Wallet designed for Smarter People.

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