One plus 8 Comes with 65W fast Charger: Amazing feature

According to the latest news, One plus 8 is going to be the favourite phone for busy people.

As it comes with a 65W charger, which is making it one of the fastest rechargeable phones. This exclusive feature is going to make it a popular one among the smartphone lovers.

Charging time

 The charging time for the One plus 8 is lower than ever. The product comes with a 65W charger which takes almost 30 minutes to make a 0% phone to 63% which is very fast. As a result, it is providing a similar result like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 plus.

A fast charger of Samsung can make almost 63% charge within 30 minutes. So, One plus 8T has now come to the fast charging club. Probably, it has become the second one in the speed of the charger, where the first one is the S20 Ultra which can get up to 70% in half an hour.

Which is an amazing expandable feature for a mobile phone. The company is going to introduce this fast charger which is affiliated by the German certification service TÜV Rheinland, as a result, the user doesn’t need to be worried about charging outside.

Stylish Look

Besides the charging time, there is also an expandable feature present for this model. The stylish blue colour of the phone has made the look of the product more beautiful.

Though it is not clear that the company is using this in One plus 8 or One plus 8pro. It is also possible that the company is using the colour both in the models.

As a result, it has become a perfect choice for people.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, when most people are busy with their phone, it is essential to choose a first charging phone.

Previously, Samsung galaxy s20 note was denoted as the fastest chargeable phone.

After that, now, One plus 8T has launched the new feature with their phone. As a result, the company has listed its name in the heart of busy people, as it helps people to stay tuned with their phone.


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