Nuraloop: Hearing Adaptive Earphones

If you are an all-time music fan, then I am sure you must have heard the Nura’s hearing adaptive headphones which were released in 2016. They remain the best headphones so far. However, the downside of these headphones is that they are too bulky to wear all day long. On an improvising front, Nura has come up with its sibling called as NuraLoop which is a compact size earphone that can be easily fitted in your ears. Similar to its previous version, it has all other smart functionality.

NuraLoop gives you a personalized sound by its inbuilt adaptive mechanism and gives spectacular results. So what this actually means?? It means that earphones analyse your hearing when you first put them on by measuring sounds generated by your inner ear in response to any stimuli. 

Additional features of this device are built-in active noise cancelling on board, Bluetooth enabled, touch-activated social mode to hear outside world, touch dial controls, water resistance, and extended battery life.

With its small, lightweight, compact design, better fit, if it works same as its big bro which has already impressed us earlier….I am sure NuraLoop will prove to be a madness in music world. I can’t really wait to try them, cherish my music moments and once again become a huge fan of Nura’s…….Can you wait??   

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