Nubia Watch A Futuristic Flexible Display Smartwatch

NUBIA, the company, best known for its smartphones, has invaded into the market, bulldozing its way in the world of wearables which is currently dominated by giants as Apple and Fitbit. Thus, in case you indulge in a change of taste in the department of wearables, it is highly recommended that you try out the NUBIA watch, in its category.

A plethora of powerful features in the inside, the watch comes with a huge carved 4.01inch display upfront, that stands out in its genre among competitors. Clearly the dominant feature is the bright AMOLED display with customizable watch faces available and plenty of screen real estate to scroll through your phone notifications (which can be set to appear on your wrist) or be it your fitness statistics.

NUBIA has identified the tiny displays as a recurring problem in the existing smart watches in the market and therefore have cleverly incorporated a host of specifications and customizations, to counter these. You will be easily capable of setting the time or an incoming call, with this watch on your wrist.

With hundreds of widgets and watch faces, the owner will feel the sheer joy of wearing a new Nubia watch every day, as you play around with the settings on the device regularly.

Tracking your daily activities, the kind and nature of sport that you indulge in, the quality of sleep and your heart rate are among the long list of features that Nubia watch adorns. Though the new NUBIA watch discards the camera which was part of the first launch of NUBIA Alpha watch, still it looks more professional, sleek and better polished.

With two great colour choices, one being Midnight Black and the other, Army Green, the new watch has a 1GB RAM on board and a 8 GB storage for apps and the operating system as well as any music tracks that is wanted to be synced over. It comes with a 425 mAh battery, which according to NUBIA can last up-to 7 days though cannot be verified unless we experience the same. The Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 2100 chip is similar to the earlier version.

An established track record in electronics manufacturing, the NUBIA watch has smashed through its US$10,000 goal. An early bird price of US$199 on Kickstarter, with the retail price expected to be double that. If all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start in October.

Source: Kickstarter

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