Nose Ear and Hair Trimmer, Which is one of the Ways to Help You to Groom.

Personal grooming is a very important aspect of life, to create an impact on the people at your workplace. It is not to just gain positive impression but also respect at your workplace. But, having said that, this article is about nose and ear hair trimmer, which is one of the ways to help you to groom.

Having nose and ear hair should not be considered as embarrassment, as they are considered to be “dirt filters” keeping the germs and unwanted pollutants from getting into your lungs. But as you age or if you have hormonal problems, then the internal hairs have a tendency to poke out of your nose thus causing quite an embarrassment. If you have hormonal issues then it can lead to thick, coarse and long hair growth. These trimmers are used to remove the unwanted hair thus retaining the normal hair in your nose.

This unisex device comes with a smart micro vacuum system which helps to comfortably remove the unwanted facial hair, nose hair and ear hair. Equipped with dual edge spinning blades, it removes the hair with ease without painful and unpleasant pulling.

It is waterproof and easy to clean. Need to just twist and take off the blade and clean it. This is convenient and hassle free cleaning. It comes with dust proof cover to protect cutter head. 6500 motor power and noise below 50DB would remove nose hair without causing pain to nasal cavity very silently. It is highly efficient and durable.

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