No wire is needed to charge your smartphones in the near future

Imagine that you need to make an urgent call on your mobile but the battery has gone very low or dead  and you don’t have your charger or any plug source, you feel very much irritated. In such kind of situations, anyone feels that instead of manually plugging a wire and charging a mobile or any other electronic devices, if they get charged automatically by themselves, then it would be so good. Yes, this is happening in the near future.

A company named, ‘Wi-Charge’ has been working to create a safe wireless power transmitter that allows clients to charge their devices, using infrared radiation. Like wi-fi hotspots at homes, offices, restaurants, airports etc., where devices can connect to the internet directly without a cable, using wi-charge hotspots, all the devices within that region can be charged automatically by receiving signals from the wi-charge transmitter.  All that the devices need is a receiver to receive the signals. In future, the receivers may come as inbuilt with the mobiles and other electronic devices.

Image Source: Wi-Charge

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