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A New York-based pizza company named A Just Pizza & Wing Co. is putting pictures of street dogs in their pizza boxes who need shelter. The pizza company has taken the noble step with the support of an animal rescue organization named Niagara Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(SPCA).

An event coordinator of SPCA, Kimberly LaRussa, started this awareness campaign and asked the SPCA volunteer Mary Alloy, owner of Amherst’s Just Pizza & Wing Co. if she would like to promote this campaign.

Speaking to Insider, LaRussa said that when she asked Mary Alloy is ready to help the shelter animals beyond the limits and she agreed to promote the campaign by putting the pictures of shelter dogs on her pizza boxes. LaRussa added that Mary even adopted a cat named Smokey who has special needs. Now Smokey lives happily with the other cats of Mary.

LaRussa told Insider that the shelter always looks for out of the box ideas to advertise it’s shelter animals so that it can reach out to more people.

On Friday, the shelter gave Alloy the dog leaflets to put it on their boxes and by Saturday, a puppy named Larry had been adopted. LaRussa said that with the help of social media advertising and even people can share the leaflet so that they can reach to millions of people who can adopt the shelter dogs.

LaRussa and Alloy received so many calls from people who would like to promote this idea to help the shelter animals.  Not only public are praising this campaign but also the other pizza shops from different cities are even interested to promote this campaign in their own communities. LaRussa said that she is overwhelmed by the community’s response that so many people are stepping forward to adopt the shelter dogs and even praising the Just Pizza who took the first step to promote this idea to provide homes to homeless dogs.

LaRussa told Insider that everyone cannot adopt a dog or cat but if at least they are helping in promoting the advertisement to more people, in a way or another they are providing homes to the shelter animals which will make an immense difference. She said don’t just shop but adopt a dog if you can because that will help a dog to live in a lifetime home.

She said that the organization is not funded by the government. It is only the people who support this organization and their campaigning. She hopes that this will surely bring a change in the community.

LaRussa said that they have so many beautiful animals in their shelter and she hopes someone who will receive their pizza boxes with the leaflet will surely come to meet these beautiful animals and understand the fact that it is only the community that can bring a change in the life of the homeless animals and provide them forever homes.

Pizza and pups

If you want to get your shelter dogs adopted you have to think outside the pizza box πŸ•

Posted by Niagara SPCA on Monday, March 2, 2020
Niagara SPCA

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