New Malware protection services at the network level

One of the most serious cyber-crime we witness these days is few people creating malware on random unknown websites, so that all the computers/devices in which those websites are opened, will be distributed with viruses at a time within a fraction of second. New technologies should be invented to protect at the network level rather than individual computers or hardware.

Dasient is a company that helps sites by monitoring for malicious code so they won’t end up on the dreaded blacklist. It provides cloud-based anti-malware services for protecting businesses against web-based malware and malvertising.


It’s Web Malware Analysis Platform uses a dynamic, behavioral-based engine based on sophisticated algorithms and anomaly detection technology to defend against the latest attacks using up-to-date intelligence about malware. This platform includes a system of highly instrumented virtual machines to simulate what actual users would experience when visiting a particular web page or viewing a specific online ad.

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