A Nebula Capsule Smart Soda-Sized Portable Projector

This nebula capsule smart mini projector is perfect for people who love movies, travelling, and are binge-watchers.

Nowadays, most of our time in our offices is spent staring at the computer screens. Despite of willing to watch television in the evenings, with so many shows coming up, you just cannot keep up with them. The last thing you really want to do after work is plopping down and watch one more screen for another 3-4 hours. So if you are one among those who want to watch your favorite TV shows during travel, however hate to turn on the TV at hotel rooms or watching shows on laptops, iPad, or phone, Nebula capsule, a portable projector that’s made of Anker, may be a one stop solution for you. It is a small, soda-can -shaped projector that has a Bluetooth speaker. As long as there is a blank wall to project, you can use this device anywhere to catch up with your favorite movies and shows.

The soda-can projects up to a 100-inch image with an 854-by-480 resolution at 100 ANSI lumens. The picture looks just fine with it in a dark room. You can also download and install latest streaming apps such as Netflix, Plex, and Amazon Prime video on this projector and watch TV shows and movies at your own convenience and space.

The nebula capsule smart mini projector comes with remote control, or you can also control it with your smart phone. The capsule holds a charge for four hours and has an impressive sound quality.


  • Ultra-portable design
  • long battery life
  • excellent sound quality


  • No USB-C
  • Doesn’t auto-focus  

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