NANO smart water dispenser, a comfortable home product

The Nano is a water dispenser that is as sleek as it is energy efficient. The machines innovative design promises to reduce both energy consumption and the environmental wastefulness of plastic water bottles, and all in a very attractive package. The Nano is a water dispenser that is as sleek as it is energy efficient. The device cooling system makes use of an adaptive algorithm to better learn your water usage patterns. Rather than keeping water cold all day long while you are at school or at work, the Nano only cools when you are around and looking for an icy beverage. With a reliable and hygienic closed cooling unit any refrigerant gases, the Nano said to be able to cool up to 36 liters of water a day. The Nano also comes with a smart phone app that allows you to check its filter status, temperature levels and even set child locks so that accidentally dispense hot water will be reduced. The device is environmentally friendly and efficient. Complete with a capacity OLED touchscreen display, simply tap Cold, Hot or Room Temperature to begin. You can also slide your finger up and down the screen to choose the volume of water you need. The machine instantly adjusts its temperature settings and pours crystal clear drinking water. It’s perfect for making tea and coffee or hydrating after a workout. The intelligent device takes a sophisticated design and is also available with an optional stand.

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