Nakefit Stick on Soles for Feet: Forget Flip Flops And Go Barefoot

Feet are one of the best modes of human transportation, J Inexpensive, pollution free and come with a load of health benefits.

But wherever we are, we worry about our feet getting dirty and in some places we worry about slipping and falling. We cannot wear footwear everywhere or sometimes we don’t feel like wearing slippers. Especially, this is the problem we see in kids. Some love to play barefoot. Some keep forgetting to wear slippers and you like a broken record, have to keep mumbling those lines making them remember to wear their slippers.

Now, if we look at the things here….there are many reasons why we make them remember to wear slippers. For their safety, YES … For hygiene, YES…But is it only for the kids…nope…many times we also feel lazy to wear slippers and we walk barefoot, NOT COOL….HAAAA!! Then, we end up having cracked feet, getting pricked while walking barefoot on grass or woods or gravel, or might end up in dangerous falls…But worry no more…because a solution to all your problems lies in NAKEFIT

The first of its kind, portable foot stickers that stick to your insoles very easily and you can easily take it off without hurting yourself. It is made of bio-degradable and soft breathable material thus making it extremely comfortable and seems like you are not wearing anything at all. The adhesive used also is hypoallergenic certified. The raised lines and circles help you from slipping.

Walk freely, whether it is the park, woods, beach, street or spa….no need to worry about the cold or hot surface, this would act as an invisible barrier between you and the surface thus protecting your feet. Also, its’ anti-cutting features help your feet safe wherever you go.

Size Chart –

  •  euro size S:32-35 length:  21cm
  •  euro size M:36-39 length:23cm
  •  euro size L:40-43 length:24.5cm
  •  euro size XL:44-47 length:26cm

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