Mundo Backpack The Super Travel Pack with 35 Features

Do you live out of the suitcase? If your answer is “YES” then you know by now that packing is one thing that you need to be careful about. People with oh-so-crazy schedules, who are always on the run know that packing is a bane because of size restrictions on your bags and the limit you can have for your cabin baggage. But Mundo backpack has transformed the bane into a boon. They have taken the feedback from 2600 people and have converted those feedbacks wisely into the features that have become a unique selling point for them.

It is organized, it has put all the features based on the feedback from the people and it is multi-purpose…. awesome isn’t it!! It is a perfect companion for people on the run. Loaded with 35 features it is a super travel pack. This all in one bag has loads of pockets to keep your things organized. Zipper pocket; small elastic pockets for keeping shades, mouse etc.; zipper mesh pocket for better organization; compartment for electronics items like laptop pocket for keeping laptops, tablet pocket for tablets, accessories pocket for storing all electronic accessories; then you have quick access side pocket for quickly reaching out to important things; front storage pocket ; front side access pockets ; convertible backpack pocket ; pen pockets; elastic pockets for valuables and accessibility; backside hidden pocket ; zipper pocket for back support.

It also is equipped with lots of other features other than just pockets. You can convert the size depending on the way you would like to use – a slim bag, work bag, laptop bag, travel bag, etc. It is lightweight. Durable material. You can carry your backpack in any way they like so they come with transformable straps. Carry it like a sling bag, one handbag, backpack or shoulder bag. Air cushion back. It also has a collapsible water pocket.

It is a water-resistant, sturdy, removable back and strap system, comfortable and a plethora of other features that you would only know if you use it. Don’t wait…

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