Transportation has evolved over the years. The way we used to perceive the transport systems earlier is very different from the way we picture it now. Earlier, it was just taken as a way of transporting you from one place to another, but now it has augmented in terms of designs and thought process. Humans are more interested in designing vehicles which would be perceived as a way out of the league; which will imbue the principles of technology along with the major threat these vehicles cause to the quality of air. More eco-friendly vehicles are designed to save the environment from the fumes emitted out of these vehicles.

Motopogo is a unicycle battery-operated vehicle that has been developed to not just transport you from one place to another but also to make a difference to the environment by curbing emissions. Gyroscopic sensors and accelerometers are installed in Motopogo which help it in balance. It is smaller, lighter and easy to maneuver through the tight spaces. Compared to cars or two-wheelers this type of vehicle is easier to take along wherever you are, better than public transport as there you need to wait in long queues and probably would be losing out on time. This is a very efficient and reliable mode of transport. This self-adjusting vehicle due to its hardware and software gyroscopes stabilizes the vehicle and stops a person from falling down.

The cost of Motopogo is $1000, which makes it cheaper compared to the rest of the options of one cycled vehicles. It has 60 Volt 10 Ampere lithium battery, that powers the scooter’s 500-Watt brushless hub motor. The charging of the battery takes 4 to 5 hours. With one charge you can ride up to 30 km.


  1. Aluminum body
  2. Front and rear LED lighting
  3. Regenerative Brakes
  4. Mud Flap
  5. Weighs – 29 kg
  6. Carry Load up to 150 kg

No such disadvantages that I can think of except if the wheel doesn’t maintain balance then you are up for a toss, also how it will work in the uphill situations need to be tested. But, if you are tired of walking or standing in long queues, or tired of endless waits in the never-ending traffic jams or looking for easy manoeuvrability it is a perfect one to gift yourself.

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