Motion Powered Sensor to Save Lives

Many of us have been witnessing and hearing about fire accidents quite frequently these days. Most of these incidents end up in leaving the victims in devastating conditions in many ways. Some of them lose lives, some are handicapped permanently and some lose their lifetime savings. In all this, firefighters have tough jobs on their hands. Regardless of whatever happens to them, they must go all out in trying to salvage the best that is possible for them.

The firefighters have dangerous jobs on their hands plus many times they work in dark, smoke-filled environments where they are unaware which direction they are heading to. A new motion-powered wearable sensor can really serves as bliss for them in such tough conditions.

An international team of scientists developed this wearable sensor. This is a budget friendly button-battery-sized device. It is chiefly made up of a new carbon aerogel nanocomposite. This material is fireproof up to at least 300 ºC (572 ºF) and also serves as a triboelectric generator, reaping electricity from the friction produced by movement.

Worn someplace such as the sole of a boot or the arm of a jacket, it produces an electrical current as long as its wearer is moving.

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